How does it work?

Master Filter uses dual flow filtration which works by splitting the oil flow in two directions before going through any filtration membrane.

One side feeds the engine / machinery as standard.

The other returns the oil back to the reservoir or sump at a controlled rate through the secondary micronic filter, bypassing any machinery components.

The micronic filter is the only part of the Master Filter system that needs to be replaced periodically.

A dual flow filtration system offers all the benefits of a full-flow approach (where fluid is returned to the machinery) and the bypass approach (where some fluid, filtered to a higher standard, is also returned to the sump).

How can it be used?

Master Filter is patented and the first European company to develop the technology for commercial use in other sectors, including:



Master Filter is designed to be used on all oil-dependent power systems.

The range of applications is significant, as the units are tailored to suit specific needs and conditions, such as smallest particle size, required flow rate, pressure rating, sump return requirements, etc.

Units can be used singularly or configured in multiple banks within a fluid power system.

Master Filter can be sited remotely or integrated within any existing system.

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