Why do I need to change my oil?

Think of the oil in your engine or machine in the same way as you do the blood in your body.  Its job it to flush away contaminants towards a set of filtering systems.

Those filters must be operating optimally to ensure a good flow, as well as ensuring all contaminants are removed.

Our filters can remove particles to nanometre size, as well as water and other liquid contaminants, while maintaining a pressurised flow rate.

Master Filter is that small change you can make to your machine or engine.  It will look after your oil so well that you won’t need to change it.

Doesn’t oil need to be changed anyway? No!

Doesn’t oil degrade and not work so well? No!

In fact, adding MasterFilter in-line could improve your oil’s performance, even when it’s old.

Using poor performing filters?

Solid particle contaminants cause accelerated wear inside lubricated systems, once defects start to occur, they cause more and more damage.

You could be looking at:

  • Oil seal repairs £600 to £800
  • Turbocharger replacements £1000
  • Oil starvation repairs £600 +
  • Internal engine repairs £1500 upwards
  • Full engine reconditioning £700 to £10,000+


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