From engines to hydraulics, gearboxes to turbines – Masterfilter systems can reduce service cycles in pressured lubricant systems, hydraulic systems and even liquid power devices operating in other liquids.

Renewable Energy

National Power, Blythe, Northumberland

National Power was experiencing severe oil contamination problems.  They installed Master Filter units on all their turbine generators.

The systems ran continually for 6 years and National Power saved £6m in maintenance charges.

Hydraulic Powered Industrial Robots

Ford UK

Ford UK experienced machine reliability problems.  Oil contamination in 4 out of 36 machines was consistently happening. These hydraulic powered robots were water cooled and 4 of the units were badly affected for no apparent reason but it was known that the problem was water related.

Four Master Filter units were fitted to the line and they ran for the duration of the lifetime of the production line, after which Ford upgraded their equipment to electro-mechanical systems.

Payback was immediate.  They made £45,000 savings annually in replacement oil costs, plus enhanced uninterrupted production runs.

Injection moulding

Krauss Maffei

A unit was installed on a Krauss Maffei injection moulding machine for Coda Plastics.

Oil samples were taken from an unopened 200 litre drum prior to its being used in the machine and from the machine after 100 hours operation.

Both were analysed by Alcontrol Oil Analysis Laboratory in North Wales and the results came back totally clear.

Food processing

Sun Valley Foods

This factory operated food processing equipment that was plugged into the main hydraulic factory circuit according to the process demand of the food product in manufacture at the time.

Water in the hydraulics was the problem they had to contend with due to the high stringent standards set for health reasons.

Master Filter solved the problem.

Other Industrial Applications

Albany Pumps Limited

Master Filter and Albany Pumps Ltd collaborated on oil viscosity trials ranging from 35 – 300 seconds.

The trials provided valuable information on the performance of the filter media product used in our oil management filtration systems.

Foundry in Poole, Dorset

This company bought a flexible, mounted Master Filter unit.  This unit covered all their machinery that was reliant on hydraulic oil. Operating across the factory floor this unit proved extremely cost worthy for the company in question maintaining continuity in their production schedules.

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